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First Responders on Scene of Plane Crash at Grand Traverse County Civic Center


Two men walked away with minor injuries after their small plan crashed in Grand Traverse County.

The plane is registered to the flight school at Northwestern Michigan College. It came down outside the Civic Center around 5:30 p.m.

And eyewitness tells 9&10 News that they saw the plane coming in low.

“I looked up and then I see the plane coming in really low and kind of fast,” Blake Williams, a witness to the plane crash, said. “There are a couple of people I just started yelling, you know, get out of the way. Run away. Move out of the way. And they seem to, it seemed as though they had control. But I could tell that they were coming in for a crash landing.”

They say it then touched down in an empty filed before bouncing and crashing through a fence at the edge of the ballfield.

“It bounced a couple of times,” Williams said. “And then, like I said, right in the fence. They came, and the fence, you know, hit head on and the fence absorbed all their energy. Like I said, if the fence wasn’t there, they would have came into these trees. And I feel like it would have been substantially worse.”

Williams is an Army Medic. He rushed to the scene and tells us the instructor and pilot only had bumps and bruises, but were shaken up.

The FAA will be in Traverse City Wednesday to investigate the crash.


First responders are on the scene of a plane crash at the Grand Traverse County Civic Center in Traverse City.

According to Grand Traverse 911, no injuries have been reported. First responders are asking the public to avoid the area.

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