Huntey’s Clubhouse Opening a New Location in Reed City Helping Fill the Childcare Shortage

Huntey’s Clubhouse is helping to fix the childcare shortage in Northern Michigan.

“Our niche is kind of serving smaller communities were from a smaller community, we know how important that is,” said Alexis Cumings, Co-Owner Huntey’s Clubhouse.

Tyler Huntey and Alexis Cuming’s mother opened the first Huntey’s Clubhouse in Morley in 1994.

“There’s five of us siblings, so my mom couldn’t afford daycare,” said Cumings. “So she started watching other kids in her home and got licensed as an in-home transitioned to a group home. Then she moved into a center in 2008 and expanded from there.”

The business grew to clubhouses in Howard City and Big Rapids and is now in the hands of the two siblings.

“It’s my life at this point,” said Tyler Huntey. “We know its importance in every kid’s life, and it’s really easy to get out of bed every morning and know that you’re making an impact.”

As the years go on, the need for childcare hasn’t slowed down. The fourth Huntey’s Clubhouse is opening in Reed City on Tuesday.

“It’s an area that’s close to our other locations. And through conversations with the community, we found that there’s really heavy demand,” said Huntey.

The center will cater to 105 kids, but those spots are almost filled before opening the doors.

“As soon as we announced that we were going to be opening the center, we had calls and emails,” said Cumings. “It’s interesting; we already have a waitlist for infant toddlers where those spots are all full. Right now, we do have some preschool spots.”

And with how quick the spots are filling, it’s only encouraging the duo to keep expanding.

“It just makes you want to fill those needs more and more in the small communities and give people some options,” said Cumings.

“I know Cadillac’s a place we’re looking to go to next,” said Huntey. “We’re continuing to find ways to grow as responsibly as we can to continue to provide the high-quality care that has gotten us to the point we’re at today.”

Being able to continue to grow the centers is heavily based on staffing Huntey’s Clubhouse is hiring at all locations.