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Consumers Energy — A Force For You

Consumers Energy – A Force For You: Updated Clean Energy

In April, Consumers Energy and key stakeholders throughout Michigan have agreed on a settlement related to the company’s Clean Energy Plan, a sweeping proposal to stop using coal as a fuel source for electric generation by 2025, making the company one of the first in the nation to go coal-free.

Consumers Energy’s updated Clean Energy Plan includes:

  • Protecting the Planet: We’ll be one of the first energy providers in the nation to stop using coal. We’ll be coal free by 2025, and with more solar energy, battery storage, and energy efficiency – we’ll be able to deliver clean and reliable energy to all of our customers across Northern Michigan and around the Lower Peninsula.
  • Saving Customers Money: Our updated Clean Energy Plan creates price stability and helps customers save an estimated $600 million dollars through 2040. Consumers Energy would also continue its successful energy waste reduction programs that have saved customers more than $4 billion since 2009. In addition, the company has committed to continue to fund utility bill assistance programs for low-income customers.
  • It’s not just Clean Energy but it’s Reliable Energy, too: To help bridge the gap from closing our coal plants to building 8,000 MW of Solar by 2040, we plan to purchase the Covert Generating Station in Van Buren County, a natural gas-fired power plant. This will help ensure we continue to provide reliable energy to all of our customers.

To learn more about the plan,

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