Recreational Authority Honors Former Chair By Creating New Volunteer Award in His Name

"It's a great way to honor Ross and it will be a great honor moving forward for any subsequent recipient." Rec Authority Executive Director, Matt Cowall

A community leader was recognized Wednesday for the work he’s done in the community.

Vo00 00 06 17still001The Recreational Authority of Traverse City and Garfield Township created a new volunteer service award. They presented the award for the first time Wednesday to it’s namesake, Ross Biederman.

Biederman served as the Chair of the Recreational Authority Board of Directors from it’s inception in 2003. He served up until he retired from the board in 2021. The Executive Director for the Recreational Authority, Matt Cowall, says the award will be a great way to recognize their volunteers.

“The awards are really a neat idea by the current board of directors. It’s going to provide an annual reminder to all of us of the hard work that Ross put in,” Cowall says.

The award will be awarded annually and permanently on display in the Cathedral Barn at Historic Barns Park. Cowall says they wouldn’t have made the progress they’ve made if not for Biederman

“To lend his time and expertise and energy to the Recreational Authority was a great benefit to the organization. We literally wouldn’t be as far along as we are without his efforts,” Cowall states. “I can’t think of a better example of someone who put there own time into the Rec Authority and made it what it is today.”