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One Up XP Show Podcast: Kaylen “Kay” Ruddell – All Female Pro Valorant Team


Now imagine being a woman that tries out a video game, dives deeper into it, gets really good and realizes there is a pro scene and a really good pro esports team holding tryouts in your neck of the woods. So you tryout and you make it and even become the IGL (In Game Leader).

No this is not a fairy tale, this is real life and the synopsis of Kaylen Ruddell’s past year as she has joined the Immortals all female pro Valorant team! She was gracious enough to give us a little bit of her time to explain how this happened and what she is looking to do both in game and outside of the game. How she is looking to carry a torch in the esports scene for young women looking to match their piece in this stereotypically male-dominated puzzle.

Kay hails from Michigan and is looking drive this Great Lakes Region team to victory!