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Clearwater Voters Against Constable Millage, For Increasing Road Millage

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The unofficial results are in for the election in Clearwater Township. Voters chose to increase the current Road Millage for it’s final year and voted against the Constable Millage.

Clearwater Township Election Results (Unofficial)

  • Proposal to increase Current Road Millage: 308 Yes; 255 No
  • Proposal to Establish a Township Constable Millage: 135 Yes; 419 No
  • Kalkaska Public Schools Operating Millage Proposal: 319 Yes; 202 No

Clearwater Township Supervisor, Tom Backers, says he’s disappointed the Constable Millage was shot down. However, he says he’s happy to at least get one to pass.

“So, the good news first, the Road Millage increase from one mill to two mills did pass by about 40 votes. The Constable Millage kind of got hammered almost three-to-one against,” Backers states.

The Township says they were forced to put the proposal on the ballot. With the cost of asphalt rising and roads continuing to deteriorate, Backers says they were left with no choice, if they wanted to stay out of the red. The Township will now be able to fix at least one road. However, Backers says they have a long way to go.

“It’s a temporary band-aid. We’re going to have to go back to the well and try to do it again. Looking at the numbers, probably next year will determine what we ask for in another road millage,” Backers states.

As for the Constable Millage, Backers says he doesn’t feel they did a good job selling the people on it.

“I think I could have done a better job trying to guesstimate for having and supporting our own officer. So that’s on me,” Backers admits.

Backers says he’s not sure how the community’s decision to not add their own police officer will affect them.

“We’ll find out this summer. Because once the lake warms up and they start using the sandbar, that’s where the complaints come in,” Backers states.

Backers says he plans to go back to the drawing board and hopes to try again in August.

“We’ll stick it on the ballot again at a reduced rate with more information available to the public and we’ll try again. If it goes down that time, let it rest. We’ll put it to bed,” Backers says.

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