Central Lake Woman Charged With Second Felony After Death of a Dog

A Central Lake woman was in court again Tuesday morning on charges for one count felony animal killing and torturing.

Brooklyn Beck, 28, was arrested last week on a warrant from Grand Traverse County on an incident in which she provided a grooming service at a business in Blair Township to a 10-12 year old Shih Tzu, and then the dog later died.

Beck was also charged last Friday for a separate charge of animal cruelty and neglect. She bonded out on a $25,000 cash PR bond Sunday.

The prosecution suggested Tuesday that Beck was considered a “flight risk” and should be in custody. The court wasn’t prepared to put her in jail, so in the meantime she will surrender her passport, driver’s license and wear a tether. There’s also possibility a new search warrant will bring about new charges.

Beck’s next court date is May 18.

When deputies from Antrim and Grand Traverse Counties responded to the original warrant, they found 200 animals – dead and alive – at Beck’s home. Some of them were even frozen alive.

The animals range in species from rabbits, dogs, cats, mice, chicken, ducks, reptiles and a horse.

Beck’s husband, Michael Patrick Turland, 43, was recently charged with 94 counts of animal cruelty in Arizona after authorities found roughly 183 animals in his freezer. He was also in court Friday for a preliminary hearing. The Mojave County Prosecutor says his case has been passed to a higher court.

Both Beck and Turland are reported to be associated with House of Floof Pet Salon in Central Lake.

Antrim County Sheriff Daniel Bean said they’re still investigating the case of the 200 animals in Central Lake, and are still trying to determine what animals are in the freezer.

Antrim Animal Control, where most of the animals are being held, is looking for donations of items to help them care for the abundance of animals they rescued—especially for the reptiles they are caring for.

You can find a list of items to donate here. Donations can also be dropped off in person at the front door.