Skegemog Raptor Center Releases Rehabilitated Hawk in Grand Traverse County

On Saturday, people in Traverse City gathered at the Boardman River Nature Center for the release of a rehabilitated hawk.

Nicknamed Blondie, he was hit by a car on Cass Road back in September and pulled from the grill.

Suffering from head and wing trauma, the bird’s road to recovery was a long one.

After seven months of care at the Skegemog Raptor Center, the young, red-tailed hawk was ready to fly again.

Skegemog Raptor Center Executive Director James Manley says rescues like Blondie’s have kept them busy all season.

“This has been a tough spring, we’ve been dealing with the Avian Influenza as a threat and a lot of lead poisoning in birds, so to be able to have a day like today where we get to put one back into the wild, it’s very rewarding for us,” said Manley.

He adds that most of their birds are brought in from vehicle collisions and Blondie most likely wouldn’t have survived if the driver didn’t contact them.

The Skegemog Raptor Center has a few more birds in their care, but no scheduled releases yet.

You can follow their upcoming events on Facebook.