Detroit Lions Legends Face Off Against Cadillac Firefighters in Charity Game

The Cadillac community gathered for a star-studded basketball game at Cadillac High School on Saturday.

Former Detroit Lions players faced off against the Cadillac Fire Department firefighters for their annual charity game.

Lions legends such as Herman Moore, Corey Schlesinger and Rob Rubick were there to meet fans and provide some entertainment,

“It’s good getting everybody together, good for the community and our families—coming together for something fun,” said Cadillac Fire Department firefighter Dale Hall.

The “all-star” game helps the firefighters raise money each year for their annual projects.

All the proceeds will go to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Great Lakes Burn Camp.

“We’ve done this year after year, always get a nice turnout, the firefighters are wonderful guys, we like to kid around with them and we get to know them and over the years we love competing with the gentleman that play on my side, as well as on their side,” said Retired Detroit Lions Tight End Rob Rubick.

However, it’s still up for debate how much basketball was actually played today.

“It’s been pretty fun, it’s interesting, some of them are definitely not very good at basketball, they’re probably a lot better at football, but it’s a pretty good time,” said Hall.

Rubick joked that they are like the Harlem Globetrotters “with no talent.”

“We screw around a lot, but we just don’t get a lot done in the basketball portion,” said Rubick.

It’s really a chance to connect with fans of all ages and invite them out on the court for one rare night.

Due to the pandemic, most of the firefighters’ fundraising opportunities were put on hold, so the return of today’s game was a big win for everyone.

“It gives them an opportunity to make money and help the cause, so we appreciate the people coming out each and every year,” said Rubick.

The Lions’ next stops include Royal Oak, Paw Paw and Allendale to play different police departments.