‘the four’ Team Tries Improv at The Comedy Project in Grand Rapids

Here on ‘the four’ we’re used to plenty of ad-libbing, rolling with the punches, and of course lots of laughter.

But we are not used to doing it on stage, and under the spotlight. Improv Pic 1

Producer Josie is a comedian and LOVES improv. She wanted to introduce the rest of ‘the four’ team to the art she loves so much.

On top of hosting shows, The Comedy Project in Grand Rapids is also home to a training center that provides training in Improvisation, Comedy Writing, and Comedy Performance.  They welcome people who are looking to try something new to those who would like to develop their existing comedic skills further.

We put our improve skills to the test with one of their classes! Watch the video above to see how we did.

To learn more about shows at The Comedy Project, click here.

To learn more about The Comedy Project Training Center Program, click here. 

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