Students Plant Trees at Central Grade School in Traverse City for Arbor Day

Central Grade School in Traverse City celebrated Arbor Day by planting trees near the school.

Students helped the Traverse City Parks and Recreation Department plant a London plane, an oak and an elm tree next to the playground where the kids will be able to watch them grow.

For the past thirty years, Traverse City has been a “Tree City USA” and has participated in tree planting in honor of Arbor Day. While they work, students are taught the importance of planting trees and how they benefit the world around them.

“We also tell them how to take care of the tree, the importance of watering,” said Michelle Hunt, Superintendent, Traverse City Parks and Recreation. “And maybe we hope that the teachers and the principal continue on that lesson of why planting trees is important in the urban canopy.”

The Parks and Recreation Superintendent says having a healthy urban canopy supports a healthy city and ecosystem and makes sure there are healthy trees growing in the community.