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Cadillac Community Mourns Loss of “Community Icon”

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The Cadillac Community is mourning the loss of Pat Goggin, who passed away Friday after a battle with cancer.

“He loved boating, he loved sailing, he was always out on the water. He loved his family and he just loved Northern Michigan, he definitely will be missed,” says Andy Ulrich, Executive Director of United Way of Wexford and Missaukee counties.

Since 1995, Pat Goggin and his family have been apart of the Cadillac Community. Goggin served as the Executive Director of the United Way of Wexford and Missaukee Counties. Those who knew him best say he was an icon in the community.

“If you’d see him in a room he would always be right in the mix of a crowd of people. He was super entertaining. He would always wear a kind of loud clothing and he just had a presence about him that was inspiring,” Ulrich recollects

Andy Ulrich took over for Goggin at the United Way in September. Goggin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer shortly after. Ulrich says his guidance was crucial during the transition.

“He was an incredible help. He is a wealth of knowledge, he knew everybody in the area,” Ulrich laughs.

Goggin helped raise money for struggling area nonprofits. He was also President of the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors as well as the President for the Human Service Leadership Counsel. The counsel represented and advocated for over 50 area nonprofits.

“He helped build organizations and systems that are still active today. Those will continue and really, that will be his legacy,” Ulrich states.

Pat Goggin passed away Friday leaving behind his wife Sally, his two daughters and a community that will miss him dearly.

“We can go make a lot of money or we can do a lot of different things with our lives, but I think it shows a healthy person who really wants to give back. Who can truly care for other people and empathize with them. And wants to leave the world better than how he found it and he did. This guy definitely did,” Ulrich smiles.

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