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Visit the ‘Interlacements’ Exhibit at Charlevoix Circle of Arts


A new exhibit opens up at !

‘Interlacements’ featuring the fine craft of weaving will be up and open to the public to see until May 21st. There are creations from hand-woven tapestry to natural baskets.

The entire exhibit features local artists from all over Michigan. This includes: Boisali Biswas of West Bloomfield,  Martha Brownscombe of Lansing, Deb Cholewicki of Holt, Carol Irving of Escanaba, Carol Madison of Charlevoix, Nancy McRay of Williamsburg, Jasmine Petrie of East Jordan, and Shanna Robinson of Horton Bay.

There is even a piece on display that allows visitors to contribute– where anyone can weave a variety of material provided by Charlevoix Circle of Arts, in the ‘Community Weaving Project‘ and enter for a chance to win the finished piece!

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