Parenting With Purpose: Setting Boundaries & Making Your Kids a Priority

Boundaries, Parents, Boundaries!

As parents, many of us want to do it all. Be the best at our careers, be the best friend, the best for our families, have the cleanest home, and the list goes on.Parenting With A Purpose

It is hard to say no when our kids need us. We even say yes to social events and kids school activities we know we can’t do, but feel guilty otherwise. Remember you and no one else controls your choices. Schedule downtime and fun activities into your calendar. Treat your kids like important meetings with a client. Schedule everything around these things and don’t cancel them!

Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and stressing that you cannot do it all? Reena B. Patel , Parenting Expert, Positive Psychologist, and Licensed Educational Board Certified Behavior Analyst shares ways on how to set boundaries and make your kids a priority:

  1. Ask yourself what do I need and write it down
  2. Know your limits
  3. Communicate what you will and will not do, set boundaries with work, extra curricular activities, social gatherings, etc.
  4. Listen to your instinct
  5. Think about the outcomes will it make a difference and is it meaningful- get rid of fluff
  6. Create personal space (emotional and physical)
  7. Offer an alternative– if you cannot do it refer someone else
  8. Practice saying NO

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