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Hook and Hunting: 75,000 Salmon Released Into Net-Pens In Boardman River

The Northwest Michigan Fishing Club placed 75 thousand chinook salmon into net-pens on the Boardman River Thursday.

The fish will grow about two inches in size while in the pen and fed by automatic timers. When the water temperature reaches around 62 degrees, the DNR will check on their health before releasing them into the water to start their lifecycle.

“Approximately three to four years from now they’ll be coming back to do their natural spawning in this river where they have been imprinted to,” said Mike Radcliffe, NWMI Fishing Club President. “The more fish we can release for the fishermen, the more fish we can save, the more fish for us to catch.”

The Northwest Michigan Fishing Club will be back in two years to release more salmon into the river.

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