Hickory Hills Ski Park in Traverse City Awarded $125,000 For Improvements

Hickory Hills in Traverse City has been awarded $125,000 for phase two of their master plan after the investment was approved by the Great Lakes Sports Commission (GLSC) Wednesday.

Phase two of Hickory Hills’ plan, which includes: expanding snow-making, improving Nordic ski trails and the alpine slalom race hill and completing a “feasibility studies of summer revenue amenities,” will help provide four-season activities and bring in national/international sports competitions.

Preserve Hickory, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Hickory Hills, will also be providing a $75,000 funding match to complete phase two of Hickory Hill’s Master Plan. Preserve Hickory has raised over $2.5 million to support improvements at the park.

The project to complete phase two of Hickory Hills master plan could take several years to complete.

GLSC says the investment will help increase economic development from the events, generating $3.4 million per year in direct spending on hotels, restaurants and stores.

“A grant award of $125,000 from the Great Lakes Sports Commission will fill a gap in funding to complete Phase 2 of the Hickory’s Master Plan and allow the park to grow and host events that will not be possible without their support,“ said Laura Hess, co-founder of Preserve Hickory. “We plan to use the grant to increase tourism and sports competition while offering safe, affordable and publicly accessible recreation to area residents, especially youth.”