First Time in History Baldwin Student Accepted into Interlochen Center for the Arts

The Baldwin community is celebrating an accomplishment of one of their own.

A Baldwin student was accepted into Interlochen Center for the Arts.

Her name is BreNee Williams, and part of the application process to get into Interlochen is to submit writing samples.

One of those was about her grandma, who she calls little granny.

BreNee’s little granny is now up, but BreNee’s love for the arts is fueled by her little granny, whether in acting or writing.

“I write a lot about struggles with black history and stuff or just hardships and overcoming those hardships,” said BreNee Williams, 8th Grader at Baldwin Junior High.

“I would say BreNee’s writing is very thorough and comes from a unique point of view,” said Peter Graham, Forensics Performance Teacher, Baldwin Junior High.

That passion and understanding landed her a spot in Interlochen’s school of the arts creative writing program.

“I opened an email, and it said Interlochen acceptance letter, so I was reading it, and then I just started crying and screaming,” said Williams. “I ran to my mom, and I told her, and she read it, and then she started crying, and then we all just started crying.”

Getting into Interlochen has been a dream of BreNee’s since she was little a girl, and this is what she has to say to her younger self.

“Keep pushing, don’t let anyone get in your way. Just because a couple of bad things happen doesn’t mean you just give up, keep trying, and keep working until you get to your goal,” said BreNee.

BreNee is the first person from Baldwin Community Schools to be accepted to Interlochen.

“She’s a perfect example for the other students, not just in the school. But any schools in our area that I mean, if you are determined to do something that may seem insurmountable, she can do it and overcome,” said Graham.

As BreNee enters her next chapter, there is no doubt about the mark she’s leaving in her community.

“I haven’t had a student in my short career that impacted me the way she has as far as how she carries herself, the determination and just she’s real that’s I think probably bottom line, she’s a real person. What you see is what you get,” said Graham.

BreNee starts her high school journey this fall at Interlochen Center for the Arts.

She says her dream is to become a social worker and continue her passion for the arts by writing plays for children to perform.

If you want to help BreNee pay for her education, donations can be made to BreNee Williams Scholarship Idlewild Community Development Corp. 14910 Lake Dr. Idlewild, Mi 49642.

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