Department of Natural Resources Working on Updating 2012 Elk Management Plan

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is working on a new Elk Management Plan for the first time since 2012.

The DNR held a meeting in Gaylord Wednesday night to address the concerns of Michigan hunters, wildlife enthusiasts and land owners. Some of the concerns raised tonight were new elk crossing signs, compensation for farmers whose land has been damaged by elk and what happens to elk that are found outside of the DNR’s elk habitat zones.

One of the major concerns that the Elk Management Plan hopes to address is the protection of Michigan’s forests, which herds of elk can destroy.

“I mean, this landscape is constantly changing right now,” said Brian Mastenbrook, DNR Representative. “We’ve done better than the ten year prior period with education, the hunting thing. Again, we’re above goal still. And the habitat is declining. Some pluses, some minuses.”

The DNR expects to have a report on the successes and failures of the 2012 plan published by the end of summer.