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Proposal to Fund Programs and Maintenance at Central Lake Schools

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Looking ahead to next week’s election, voters in Central Lake will decide the future of two new proposals. Both proposals will fund programs and maintenance at Central Lake Public Schools.

The Operating Millage Proposal is asking for 18 mills. That’s an increase from their current one at 17.484. The proposal pays for the bulk of the district’s funding, like staffing, the curriculum, facilities and buses.

Central Lake Public Schools Superintendent, Lenore Weaver, says the proposal would bring an extra $82,054 to the district.

“We do not receive the FTE funding through the state like other school districts do. Out of formula means just that: That we’re one of the few school districts in the state of Michigan that’s fully reliant on the 18 mills,” Weaver states.

The second proposal is a Sinking Fund Millage which helps the school district keep up with repair and maintenance needs.

The Sinking Fund Millage Proposal would renew the existing millage of .4892 mills and increase it to .50 mills. The millage would be used for constructing and repairing school buildings, provide school security improvements and upgrade technology. If passed, the school district would receive $147,922 in 2023.

“And that’s not money that we have additional funding for in our general fund. So to have this fund set aside to utilize for that is just a real nice sense of security for us as we move forward. If something were to happen, then we have something to fall back on,” Weaver explains.

The special election is coming up Tuesday, May 3rd.

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