Scandals, Questions Kick-Off Race for 37th State Senate District

After the redistricting process, there are a lot of new districts up for grabs and one of the messiest races may be right in northwest Michigan

The 37th State Senate race stretches from Sault Ste. Marie to Leelanau County. With no incumbent, the race is already crowded and getting dirty.Trucker Randy Race Pkg 4 25 2200 00 02 12still001

“The eyes should be on this district,” said State Representative John Damoose, a Republican candidate for the seat, “We’re facing some very serious issues.”

So far in the race, there have been issues, just not platform issues. There have been issues like an email surfacing asking one of the candidates, William Hindle, to step aside. The idea presented in the email by GOP activist, Joe Welsh, was for Hindle to instead take a state paid job as a regional coordinator and try again in two years.

“It’s not even an option to drop out,” said Hindle, a businessman from Charlevoix, “I read the email and I was quite upset. I was insulted by it. These backroom deals are politics as usual. This has to stop.”

The race is loaded with four Republicans and three Democrats.

I’m not concerning myself with this back door, ‘below the belt’ type of tactics that are going on,” Said former State Representative Triston Cole, a Republican running for the seat, “That doesn’t suit the district well.”

The other issue is with the three Democrats, one of them being the longtime conservative radio host known as Trucker Randy Bishop. Surprisingly, running as a Democrat.

“Forget the partisanship. Let’s get to business and fixing what’s wrong with the state of Michigan,” said Bishop, “I’m the bold person that can go down to Lansing and introduce the legislation that needs to be done to truly fix the state.”

Bishop says it’s the easiest path to get to Lansing and make an impact. Others suspect foul play in the primary.

“I think the voters can discern what’s going on or who they want to vote for,” said Barbara Conley, Democrat from Northport.

“I feel bad for some of the people in the Democratic party,” said Damoose, “I don’t think they want him anymore than we do.”

Damoose is referring to another issue, a clip of Bishop, from his radio show saying he thinks marriage should be between two white people and they should have white kids. The released clip was 14 seconds long and from a broadcast of his show on March 31st.

“Absolutely has no place in the Republican party has no place in the Democratic party,” said Damoose, “I take it personally. My wife of nearly 27 years is not white.”

Bishop fired back saying the clip was out of context, he was reading a listener comment.

“Those were not my words,” said Bishop, “I was reading all kinds of text messages into the show from my listeners. They text and I respond. I am not a racist.”

The primary is August 2nd with all eyes on the 37th.

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