Debbie Ball-Odeh, BC Pizza Awarded Kalkaska Citizen and Business of the Year for 2022

The 2022 Kalkaska Citizen and Business of the Year have been chosen. This year, Debbie Ball-Odeh has been chosen as Kalkaska Citizen of the Year and BC Pizza Kalkaska is the 2022 Kalkaska Business of the Year.

“I am humbled beyond words to have been chosen to receive the Kalkaska Citizen of the Year Award,” said Ball-Odeh. “I love being so involved in my community, especially with anything for our kids. Seeing their faces light up at the Trout Fest parade or playing a game during the Fair’s Kids’ Day makes all the planning and work worth every minute.”

The Citizen of the Year award began in 1970 to honor a community member for their exceptional service and commitment to the Kalkaska community.

The Business of the Year Award started in 2005 to honor a local business for their service to the Kalkaska community.

“We love how the Village of Kalkaska comes together for its citizens in celebration or sorrow and we are grateful to be part of this awesome community. Thank you for the Business of the Year Award, Kalkaska. We love you!” said Kati Hammontree, co-owner of BC Pizza Kalkaska.

Award winners will be honored at the Kalkaska Community Awards on June 9 between 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. at the Railroad Square Pavilion in downtown Kalkaska.

It costs $20 per person, and you can register to attend here. The full cost of the event registrations will be donated to the Foundation’s Endowment for Kalkaska Area, which funds the supporting the Kalkaska community.