High School Students Watch Their Work Come to Life on the City Opera House Stage

Six high school students saw their hard work come to life on stage this weekend.

The 11th Annual Young Playwrights Festival premiered at the City Opera House in Traverse City on Sunday.

Regional high school students were paired with national theater mentors to work on their own original plays.

The finalists were awarded $100 and the chance to watch their play be performed on stage.

Traverse City West Senior High School student Sara Bagley was excited to see her play, The Newlyweds, be performed.

“It’s about an old couple and a newlywed couple that live right next to each other in an apartment building with extremely thin walls, the newer couple argues a lot and the older woman, her husband struggles with the later stages of Alzheimer’s and she wishes she had more time with him,” said Bagley.

Last year, the festival took place virtually, so sitting in the opera house was a much different experience.

“Luckily, this is my second year having the privilege of being chosen as a finalist, for last year, everything was on Zoom, so this is kind of like amplified excitement, i’m really happy to be able to be here and see it on stage,” said Bagley. “It’s kind of crazy seeing your work come to life.”