Historic Manistee Church Fills with Trees During Spring

Saturday wrapped up the final weekend of artist Anni Holm’s exhibit “Can’t See The Forest For The Trees” at the Old Kirke Museum.

The Old Kirke Museum is a historic Danish Lutheran church in Manistee.

The display is part of West Shore Community College’s Humankind Series.

It’s inspired by two parts of Manistee’s early history—Danish immigration and the logging industry.

Manistee was once one of the wealthiest cities in Michigan, with it’s natural location making it a prime spot for logging.

“I was really curious about, who are the first people who came to this area, like the first immigrants, because I share a similar story,” said Holm. “I’m also from Denmark and I know through my research now that several of them also came from Denmark and many came here and were involved in the logging industry.”

WSCC President Bill Anderson says he appreciates how the exhibit has helped bring the community together to learn more about Manistee’s culture.

“It’s a beautiful example of community support and community interest and community having a stake in this exhibit and in what it’s portraying,” said Anderson.

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