Short’s Brewing Company Buys Bellaire Inn to Help Fight Housing Crisis

A local in Bellaire County is looking to put a dent in the housing crisis.

Short’s Brewery has purchased a local hotel, named the Bellaire Inn, to house their employees in the area at least short term to combat the housing crisis.

Many businesses have suffered under short staffing, and a big reason for that is a lack of affordable housing. Short’s Brewery has invested over $750,000 to purchase the property, and plans on making renovations to the hotel.

“It’s good for everyone, I mean this is good for us, we get employees, we can stay open and then we can attract them, so it makes our lives easier, helps the community too,” said Scott Newman-Bale, CEO of Short’s Brewing Company. “Hopefully we can keep everyone open because it’s actually easier on us when we have a full range of people open in town.”

Short’s also has other housing projects going on in the area and has almost invested a million dollars to help provide their staff with a place to live.