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Expert on Ways to Ask for More Help at Work Amid Staffing Shortages

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During last year’s “Great Resignation, an estimated 47 million people quit their jobs.

Staffing levels are down everywhere and in every business. Employees are feeling overwhelmed trying to fill the gaps.

joined ‘the four’ LIVE with some tips if you’re feeling stressed at work. Watch her interview above.

Her advice:

  1. Know your value: The truth is you are probably worth way more than you realize these days. With staffing numbers still way down, the company is depending on you to do more with less. With more work on your plate and with more responsibility, your position probably means much more to the company’s bottom line than you realize. So, know that you are valued and don’t be afraid to ask.
  2. Realize it’s not about you: The mistake many people make in asking for more support at work is that their top reason is, “Because I’m drowning.” That might be true but it’s not usually enough to get an employer to act. Instead, focus on how more support will benefit the company. For example: You’ll be able to get things done quicker, quality will improve, client retention improves, increased bottom line.
  3. Offer alternatives: If you’ve asked and found it’s truly impossible to move the work, hire, or even eliminate it altogether, don’t give up. You still have alternatives. One is to propose that your company pay someone on a contract or project basis. This is done all the time with consultants and experts, so why not do it with an administrative assistant, clerk, or specialist? The accessibility of virtual assistants and contract resources from sites like Upwork and Fiverr has exploded in recent times.
  4. Don’t forget work at home: While you can often negotiate more support on the work front, you can do the same at home. What home responsibilities take your energy and time that you could hire, trade services for, or delegate? There are plenty of alternatives today to get support for household help, shopping or grocery delivery, meal prep, yard work and other life maintenance we all have on our schedules. Sure, they cost money. But in the long run, what is your time worth? What is your stress level worth? What bigger things would you do with the extra time and energy?
  5. Make the ask, and follow-up frequently: The truth is your company is relying on you and wants you to succeed because when employees are successful, so is the company. Most people are afraid to ask for support. If you don’t ask, you will never get it. The worst that can happen is you are told ‘No.’ Remember, asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It’s an incredibly strong attribute that speaks volume about your character.

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