Adopt-A-Forest: Get Involved During Earth Month

Northern Michigan has many beauties. One of them is the nature and wildlife. However, trying to keep the forests clean can be a challenge. Programs like 4-H and Adopt-a-Forest help keep our Earth clean.

It also takes people like Enya deFeijter, who are leading the charge of investing in our Earth. Enya is the 4-H Program Coordinator with Michigan State University Extension in Ogemaw County.

Have you heard of 4-H?

Enya describes 4-H was developed in 1902 as a program that is “geared toward positive youth development.” Michigan State University has a 4-H Extension Program. 4-H at MSU covers both the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula in Michigan.

4-H Plans Adopt-a-Forest                                 

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has been doing Adopt-a-Forest since 1991. Enya plans outreach programs with 4-H in Ogemaw County. she says Adopt-a-Forest is “designed to do is teach the public about healthy forests and how we can contribute to keeping them healthy. It also teaches about responsible disposal.”

Adopt-a-Forest have coordinated events like this weekend (see below). You can also check out this website where you can track trash near you. Dumpsite cleanup planning and active dumpsites are visible on the map.

If you see trash near your home, favorite hike spots, or campsites, you can report trash to the DNR through the same website. It can be anything from tires to car debris. Enya says, “you can look upon that dump site map. It will show you pictures. It will show you the coordinates of where the locations are. You can actually go on and explore the areas around you.”

Saturday Cleanup in West  Branch

Date: Saturday, April 23

Check-in: Around 9 a.m.

Clean-Up: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Location: West Cabin Lake Road (County Road 12), East of M-33

Near the big powerlines and a two-track road

East of I-75 and south of M-55

Approximate Coordinates: 44.241419, -84.138073

Getting Involved

Enya encourages those who are both part of 4-H and non-4-H members to participate in Saturday’s event, “parents, caregivers, the adults at home, this is a great opportunity to get outside and do something with the youth in your family that also gives back to the community.” If you can not make it this weekend, Adopt-a-Forest is year-round. You can also contact your local conservation districts.

Enya also invites you to connect with her. Her contact information is below.

Phone: 989-345-0692


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