Housing Group Working to Support Better Housing Solutions in Charlevoix

A housing advocacy group is working to support better housing solutions for Michiganders living in Charlevoix.

The group, Housing Yes – Charlevoix, is comprised of diverse business owners, elected officials and residents of Charlevoix County. Their goal is providing Charlevoix residents with year-round housing solutions.

Businesses in the area have been having troubles finding staff who can live in the area, with many employees of Charlevoix businesses having to commute far distances.

While the group doesn’t believe they have all of the answers, they know that if the housing issue in Charlevoix isn’t addressed, the issue will continue and the city will be further impacted.

“This group has come together to really just help support ideas and provide awareness and really help change the culture and make sure that people know that while there is no perfect solution, we all need to do what we can to address this issue,” said Sarah VanHorn, president of the Charlevoix Area Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on Housing Yes – Charlevoix, click here.