Consumers Energy Plans to be Coal-Free by 2025

As Governor Gretchen Whitmer continued support of Earth Week, the governor and Consumers Energy announced, Wednesday, an agreement to have the energy giant completely coal-free by 2025.Consumers Energy Vsv 4 21 2200 00 28 21still001

That’s just three years away. In 2018, Consumers Energy’s plan was to be free of coal by 2040, this new plan is a cut of fifteen years. They say they can do it now due to leaps in technology and availability of renewable clean sources like water, wind and solar.

“It includes about 8000 MW of solar that we are going to be building between now and 204,” Said Josh Paciorek, Consumers Energy spokesman, “It includes about 1100 mw of solar ramp-up between now and 2025.”

Right now Consumers gets about 19% of their energy from coal. That’s compared to 31% natural gas and 11% renewable sources.

Their plan now is to not only drop coal completely in three years but boost renewable sources to 63% and natural gas to 10% by 2040.

Consumers says this is sustainable because they also project less energy demand.

“We are one of the only businesses in America that might say we want you to use less of our product,” said Paciorek.

Working with customers to lower their usage and thus lower demand for production, Consumers says their nearly two million customers will save $600 million by 2040.

“Through improved energy efficiency programs through cheaper fuel sources,” said Paciorek, “Which is a win both for their pocketbooks, the state of Michigan and the environment.”

Saving money, saving energy and saving the environment.

“We have a plan that we are able to do both both,” said Paciorek, “Save money and deliver clean energy.”