Chippewa Hills Schools, Big Rapids Public Schools Asking Public to Renew Millages on May 3

Chippewa Hills Schools and Big Rapids Public Schools are asking voters to renew school operating millages in the May election.

Since 1993, all Michigan schools are required to collect a millage to pay for salaries and day to day operations like electricity, heat and water. For Chippewa Hills Schools, it will bring in almost $6.5 million for their routine operating expenses over the next four years.

The superintendent says this is a major part of their funding.

“The state doesn’t make up the difference if you don’t get your 18 mills instead you just lose that as general operating funds,” said Ben Grover, the Superintendent for Chippewa Hills. “For us that’s over $6 million so we do need to continue to have our 18 mills.”

Votes in Big Rapids will also be voting on a millage renewal. In their case, the operating renewal will bring in just over $4 million this year. Like other renewals this is not a new tax and nothing will change for tax payers if passed. It’s also aimed at non-homestead properties only, like vacation homes and businesses.

“Equates to about $4 million for big rapids public schools and covers the operational costs of staffing, teachers running our buildings, purchasing instructional textbooks and other supplies,” said Tim Haist, the Superintendent of Big Rapids Public Schools. “It’s critical to the operation of Big Rapids Public Schools.”

The school millage renewal voting takes place on May 3.