Old Mission Peninsula School Teachers Start Stop the Bleed Training to Help in Emergencies

Every minute counts when in an emergency and dealing with blood loss, which is why Old Mission Peninsula School went through their first Stop the Bleed training Wednesday.

This training was done so teachers and staff can help anyone in need in case of an emergency while first responders are on their way to the scene. Training was done by the Peninsula Township Fire Department and they gave demonstrations on how to apply a tourniquet and handle injuries.

“We were fortunate enough to have some donors donate all the tourniquets and things that they would need to stop the bleed in case of an active shooter,” said Chief Fred Gilstorff of the Peninsula Township Fire Department. “So we’re here today to teach them how to properly use it.”

The fire department says this training is especially important for schools like Old Mission because it takes crews longer to respond there.

“Having these tourniquets within a school building could literally save lives and having the staff know how to apply them can just be another safety factor for our students and helping them be safe,” said Renee Kolle, the Old Mission Peninsula School Principal.

Old Mission Peninsula School bought kits for every classroom.

For more information on Stop the Bleed training, click here.