Munson Grayling Hospital Receives $1 Million from ARA Funds

Munson Grayling Hospital received a $1 million grant from the American Rescue Act.

Pic0U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow awarded the grant money to the hospital for the work they did during Covid and to support the rural healthcare industry.

“This work with Senator Stabenow just really supports the the team and lets them know that they’re being thought of, and that we’re ready to get back to the good work of serving the community,” said Munson Healthcare East Region President Kirsten Korth-White.

Korth-White said the grant money will go back to the staff that worked so hard during the pandemic and operations.

“It’s been a tough two years for everyone, but particularly staff, providers, leaders in healthcare,” she said. “They’ve been exhausted, a lot of anxiety, and the community has been fantastic in supporting us.”

Senator Stabenow also awarded $37,000 to Otsego County Ambulance for new ambulance equipment.