Kirtland Community College in Grayling Unveils New Automotive Technology Lab

Kirtland Community College unveiled their brand new Auto Lab for students studying Automotive Technology.

Img 7995The lab is named in honor of Matt LaFontaine Automotive’s support for Kirtland’s Automotive Program.

The space offers hands-on opportunities for students to learn about and work on cars.

“The other really nice thing is we’re right on the freeway,” said Kirtland Community College Director of Automotive Technology Bob Oakes. “Everybody that goes by, they can say, ‘Kirtland what’s that?’. Now we’re visible. They see us, so that’s nice.”

Oakes says having a space dedicated to specific skilled trades is incredibly important.

“Just having the facility to house the new equipment. I’ve got the technology here, I’ve got all new equipment in here, it’s very nice,” he said.

Oakes said the relationship with the LaFontaines is important, too.

“If you’re teaching the technical program, whether it’s welding, automotive, cosmetology, you build relationships with those industries where your students are going to work,” he said.