Engineers Hear From Public Ahead of New Lock Construction

The plan for construction of a new Soo Lock will mean changes to Sault Ste. Marie’s waterfront, and how people use it.

Soo Locks Money Vo 5.transferThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers made their case at a meeting tonight for closing a popular fishing spot. Their plan is to close the Soo Locks Hydro Plant Tail Race for the New Lock construction. Engineers will be forced to permanently close a portion of the tail race for safety reasons.

Engineers say they wanted to hear from people before making any official decision. Chief Engineer of the New Lock Mick McAubrey says they hope construction has minimal effects to the community.

“Fishing whether it’s recreational or for your business is very important to everybody and we’re very aware of that. That’s one of the reasons that we’re having this meeting. To let you know what’s going on and what we have planned,” McAubrey states.