Dunegrass Co. Dispensary Celebrates 4/20, Reflects on Marijuana Social Norms

Dispensaries in cities across northern Michigan were celebrating 4/20.

Pic0 1Dunegrass Co. Dispensary in Cadillac was the city’s first dispensary that opened almost a year ago.

They said the community has been welcoming and curious about marijuana.

“Some people like it, some people don’t,” said Dunegrass Cadillac Customer Supervisor Jaslyn Hatch. “We’re just really excited that we give the chance to people that need it and they have the chance to come here.”

Although they say there are people that aren’t fans of the dispensary in their backyard, there are a lot of people who have changed their minds about the industry.

“I definitely think the perception of marijuana has grown to be a way better thing,” said Hatch. “I know personally starting out this job like people were like, ‘Oh you work at a dispensary?’ to, ‘Oh you work at a dispensary, that is so cool!’ We have them all over the place now.”

Hatch said the more dispensaries that open, the more people look into marijuana.

“There’s so much stuff about marijuana that people don’t know about,” she said. “The more that they’re out there, the more that they learn, the more excited they get.”