TCAPS – Screening “Do It For Daniel”

Traverse City Area Public Schools, in partnership with EverGROWTH Consulting and the Good Works Lab, presents a free community screening of “Do It For Daniel” at West Senior High.

“Do it for Daniel” is a documentary about Daniel Olson’s life. An All-State quarterback for the Ishpeming football team, Daniel appeared to have it all. A great family and great friends, few people knew the battles of depression and anxiety Daniel was fighting on the inside. Daniel ultimately took his own life, not because he wanted to die, but because he just couldn’t live with the pain any longer.

This movie is saving lives as it can be hard to tell who is suffering from the disease of mental illness—perhaps someone you love.

Coach Jeff Olson, Daniel’s father, has taken the documentary to 80+ schools in the Midwest and facilitated hundreds of presentations in the Olson family’s quest to erase mental health stigma.

Jeff will present the documentary and then be joined by local health professionals afterward for a conversation on local youth mental health issues.

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