Inside The Kitchen at Broomstack Kitchen & Taphouse

“They’re just addicting,” said Angela Cuncaitis, describing the Brussels & Bacon dish at Broomstack Kitchen & Taphouse in Maple City.

But, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

“It’s very earthy but very upscale, coming to Maple City you probably wouldn’t think you’d find a restaurant of this caliber and its really great,” she said.

On the lighter side, a beautiful beat salad or the salmon cakes…

On the heartier side, maybe the root vegetable hash or the beef brisket.

“Absolutely one of my favorites, beautiful flavor all the way through, every element of this sandwich shines,” described chef Pat Stowe.

He says there are two main objectives, locally sourcedBroomstack and made from scratch.

“Every day is something new, we are always constantly changing our menu, coming up with new stuff,” he said.

But there are the staples that keep people coming back.

“This is an absolute tower of a burger, it’s a real shock and awe to everyone,” he said.

It’s the one, the coveted, the Broomstack Cowboy Burger.

A solid foundation, then piled high with the burger, bacon, golden brown onion rings, and house made barbecue.

“This one takes a lot of determination to get through,” laughed Pat.

The food is only one third of their motto, “Eat, Drink, Curl.”

David Gersenson co-owns the restaurant and curling center.

He teaches other people the sport he grown to love.

“My saying is old or young, big or small, athletic or arthritic, anyone is able to curl,” he said.

When you’re done sliding across the ice for the day, there’s just one very important step left.

“Broomstacking is what you do after a curling match, so you’ll have your game and traditionally you stack your brooms, you sit down with the other team and you converse and you have a beverage,” David explained.

You can find the restaurant at 172 W. Burdickville Road in Maple City, or call them at 231-228-8869.

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