The Trees May Be Tapped Out, but the Maple Syrup is Flowin’ at ‘The Maple Tree’ in East Jordan!

Is it pronounced syr-UP or syr-IP?!

Maple TreeWell regardless of how you say it– you can’t have pancakes without maple syrup, and it just tastes better with real, homemade syrup!

The Maple Tree in East Jordan is a family owned and operated business…and they are the experts when it comes to the sweet stuff!

Josh Chamberlain has been in the maple business since he was a kid, when his family started Papa Smith’s Maple Syrup in Charlevoix, and then he sold it to buy land in East Jordan. Chamberlain made his way to Harwood Gold where he learned some of the tricks of the trade as well. He has 1,400 taps where he collects over 62 gallons of sap a day!

He and his wife, Maegan Chamberlain, opened up their own business in East Jordan and hired six employees to help around the store…their kids! The storefront carries a bunch of goodies made with their product. They sell pancake mix, syrup, maple syrup infusions, seasonings, candy, ice cream, and maple creemee’s!

The Maple Tree is famous for their ‘maple creemees‘ which is soft serve ice cream made with their maple syrup. It’s a very popular treat up in Vermont, on the east coast! The maple creamy is as creamy as custard! So good that you HAVE to stop in and get one when you visit!

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