Michigan Internet Gaming, Sports Betting Report Over $162 Million in March

Michigan commercial and tribal operators are reporting $162.15 million in total gross receipts and gross sports betting receipts for March, passing February’s record of $122.8 million.

Last month, Michigan’s internet gaming receipts were a record $131.67 million while gross sports betting receipts were a total of $30.48 million, a grand total of $162.15 million. The $162.15 million is also an 11.6% increased compared to February.

Broken down, combined total internet gaming and internet sports betting adjusted gross receipts were $133.24. This includes $118.58 million from internet casino gaming and $14.66 million from internet sports betting. Over the month, these receipts were 7.3% higher than February.

Compared with March 2021, internet gaming adjusted gross receipts increased by 33.7%, but internet sports betting receipts dropped by 22.8%. Additionally, compared with February, total internet sports betting increased by 13.4% ($451.6 million).

In March. operators turned in $24.7 million in taxes and payments to the State of Michigan. Broken down, this totals to $23.9 million for internet gaming taxes and fees, and $805, 334 for internet sports betting taxes and fees.

Tribal operators reported $2.7 million in payments to governing bodies, says the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

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