Missaukee County Farm Bureau Grants Lake City Students With a New Way of Learning

Lake City Elementary students are getting hands on learning from a traveling science lab. Michigan Farm Bureau tours the state with the farm science lab, bringing the field trip closer to home.

From plant cycles to insects, the hands on stem experience is tailored to the students grade level in Mrs. Howard’s 2nd grade class. This lucky learner demonstrates all the parts of an insect. Staff say this type of engagement is just what the kids need.

“Students learn in different ways, and a lot of students gravitate to the science portion of lessons and different experience because it’s hands-on,” said Tayler Hamilton, the Lake City Elementary Principal. “A lot of students that were hands-on and that’s what they want to focus on and that’s how they learn best and this is another experience outside the classroom we can give them without traveling.”

The farm science lab will be there all this week.