Ludington Schools Send High/Middle Schoolers Home After Heating Issue

Ludington High School and Middle School sent students home Monday morning shortly after 9 AM due to a lack of heat in the buildings.

Usually the district would just use the day as a snow day but they have already hit their limit allowed by the state, so instead they had a virtual learning day for students.Lud Schools Vsv 4 18 2200 00 40 11still001

The cause of the failure is unknown but both buildings are scheduled to have their heating systems replaced soon following the bond proposal passed in 2019.

“We believe that having students in school is the best for them but also having snow days is part of their childhood so the first six snow days of the year, we would cancel school and let kids enjoy those snow days,” said Dr. Kyle Corlett, Ludington Area Schools Superintendent, “But after that we would want to have online learning so that they don’t fall too far behind and so that we don’t have to make days up in the summer.”

The district also has a sinking fund proposal on the May ballot that will be used to maintain the new systems.