Downtown Cadillac Housing, Retail Development Approved by Commissioners

A former hotel in Cadillac is one step closer to a new look.

Northwood Hotel 1City commissioners approved a plan Monday to renovate the former Northwood Hotel on the corner of Harris and Mitchell in Downtown Cadillac. Developers plan to turn the building into apartments and retail space.

Commissioners heard from people at Monday evening’s meeting who were happy with the renovation plan.

“I think it’s great that you guys have plans for that old building,” says a Cadillac Resident.

The current owner of the building, Val Vista RV Park and Heritage Broadcasting, plans to add 23 apartments. They also plan to rent space out for retailers. The C.O.O. of Heritage Broadcasting Josh Trust says they’re excited to be apart of creating a vibrant downtown. Pkg00 00 20 18still003

“Being able to put housing units and apartments and some retail space down here. It’s just something that we’re looking forward to,” Trust says.

City Commissioners approved the Brownfield Development Plan that will provide incentives to help finance the building’s renovation. They also approved the Obsolete Property Redevelopment Certificate which is another tool created by the state to spur economic development. The two programs head to the state as they’ll decide whether or not to approve them. The City Manager of Cadillac Marcus Peccia calls it an all around great plan.

“What makes this project super special is that we’re talking about a real interesting building on the corner that has a lot of history for the city of Cadillac. For Downtown Cadillac,” Peccia explains.

Officials expect the plan to cost $4.6 million and provide much needed housing.

Northwood Hotel 2“The reality is that we need several hundred units a year for perhaps the next 10 or 15 years for the foreseeable future, just to keep up with the demand on jobs. Feedback that I hear in certain circles is that there just isn’t enough accessible housing for the workforce,” Peccia states.

Plans to begin construction are set for this summer, pending state approval. Officials believe the plan is necessary to help solve the region’s ongoing housing problem.

“People want to move downtown. People want to live in Cadillac. They wanna spend their money in Cadillac and we’re looking forward to being apart of the solution,” Trust says.