Washington, D.C. Pilot Relocates to Boyne City to Start Organic Farm

Glenn Golonka grew up downstate. His grandparents owned an 80 acre farm, which has been in his family for several decades.

Img 7467He lived in Washington, D.C., was a pilot and worked for an affordable housing foundation.

When Covid hit, his mom, who owned the farm at the time, had news for him.

“My mother gave me a call and said ‘I’m selling the farm’,” Golonka said. “‘I’m like, ‘you’re selling the farm?'”

Golonka relocated to the farm land in Boyne City—and took over Woodlands Farm.

“When I had the opportunity to move to the farm, I thought, ‘Ok where is that farm located,'” he said. “It’s on the 45th Parallel so what are we going to do with the farm. I got the property certified organic. There’s going to be berries (that I grow) and I’m doing Kombucha.”

But as he moved more and more on the farm, his osteoarthritis in his hip from a previous injury acted up.

“Glenn had the typical story of pain with activity,” said Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital Senior Staff Surgeon Dr. Jason Davis. “He was a very active guy, the type of guy that didn’t sit down very long. He was finding himself changing what he was doing on a daily basis, done most of the non-operative treatments. That’s when we talked about the permanent solution, which was ultimately the hip replacement.”

He received robotic hip surgery at Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield.

“We create a 3D model off a CT Scan ahead of surgery, so we can position the parts exactly where they should fit ahead of time,” said Dr. Davis. “When it comes time to do the carpentry, rather than eyeball hand carpentry using hand tools, which is what we’ve done for decades, we actually use a robotic arm.”

The more Golonka said walked around his farm after surgery, the better he felt.

“As long as I’m moving, I’m happy, and when I wasn’t able to move anymore with the hip, it became a problem,” Golonka said.

He now hopes to expand his farm, make local kombucha, and live his life.

“For people like up here that are putting off getting this stuff done because they’re afraid, they really shouldn’t they should get it done and get on with their lives,” said Golonka.