Manton Students Hear From Surprise Speakers

Manton schools had a few surprise speakers in the building yesterday: Damon Huffman and Gabe Brown.

Damon Huffman is a professional 3-on-3 basketball player. Gabe Brown is about to graduate this spring from Michigan State University, and has played on their basketball team the last four years.

Students got the opportunity to hear their stories, ask questions and some even got a chance to play Brown in a game of “lightning.”

“They just touched on everything that I think it takes to be successful,” said Ryan Hiller, principal of Manton Middle School. “And like I said, it’s good for the kids to hear it, not from us, just from other people that they look up to.”

“We get to interact with them, I think everybody enjoys the assemblies. That way people actually pay attention to them,” said 8th grader George Coffel.

After the school day, Brown held a basketball clinic for Manton boys and girls, where he also signed autographs and took photos with them.

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