COVID Cases Slightly Rising Across Northern Michigan

Early in the pandemic, any new change in status came with changes in protocol and restrictions. So what does this recent COVID creep mean from the state direction?

“We’re seeing those case rates start to bump up,” said Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, the state’s chief medical executive.

Looking through the entirety of the pandemic, it looks like the country is doing great in numbers. Zoom in tighter to the past two weeks and there starts a little rise in cases.Covid Creepin Pkg00 00 49 11still001

Not much but it’s going up and that’s being seen in Michigan as seven counties now sit in the “medium transmission” designation by the CDC. Experts say this is the BA.2 subvariant.

“Every time there’s a new variant of concern, that throws a little bit of a wrench into these predictions and into these plans,” said Bagdasarian.

The plan was to cruise into the summer and prepare for an uptick in the fall.

“We are expecting to see an uptick statewide in our COVID-19 numbers,” said Bagdasarian, “Now what is that going to look like?”

Right now models show this surge to last until early May. BA.2 is shown to be more transmissible but more mild than the previous omicron.

“Most importantly without a huge increase in some of the mortality and hospitalizations,” said Bagdasarian.

In the past year, the state has gone away from restrictions and leaned more on personal responsibility and Bagdasarian says there’s no reason for that to change. Just pay attention, get vaccinated and be safe.

“We are not moving out of a recovery phase into a readiness phase,” said Bagdasarian, “Our overall guidance is unchanged. We really want people to make decisions that are right for themselves and their family members.”