Change Perspective Yoga, Making the Practice Financially Feasible

There’s a new spot in Northern Michigan to help you decompress and connect, and it’s called Change Perspective Yoga.

Ashtynne Hudecz is one of the owners.

“Yoga truly saved my life. I have suffered from severe anxiety since I was a pre-teen, and I found yoga when I was in a really dark space, and I had a lot of problems relating to others,” said Hudecz.

Mathieu Boldron is the other owner.

“When I practice yoga, I feel I can breathe. And, you know, if you can breathe, you can really come to anything in your life,” said Boldron.

The owners’ goal at Change Perspective Yoga is to help people heal.

“When you practice a lot, you have more energy. You don’t need to sleep as much you can heal yourself from past trauma,” said Boldron.

“Emotions and trauma are stored in our body and tissues,” said Hudecz. “When people practice yoga, they have spontaneous releases of these emotions. People will often cry in class, and they feel safe enough to do so.”

Change Perspective Yoga is in The Village of Grand Traverse Commons, a place Ashtynne and her family have had a connection to for generations.

“Both my great grandmother and my great-great-grandmother were at the asylum here,” said Hudecz. “It feels like a full circle experience to be here, helping people heal and sharing something that helps with mental health.”

To make their practices accessible to everyone, Change Perspective Yoga offers memberships at a discounted price, or if you can’t afford it, then don’t pay at all.

“What’s very important to us is to give and see people grow. I feel that on this planet, we need to feel useful.  And that’s one of the ways to teach and share everything we know,” said Boldron. “So we empty our cup, and we can fill it up again.”

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