Parenting With a Purpose: Tips For Travel

Spring break, warmer weather, vaccines, all contribute to a surge in travel. For many, it can be nerve wrecking, and not knowing what to expect can add stress.

Reena B. Patel (LEP, BCBA) renowned parenting expert, licensed educational psychologist, board-certified behavior analyst, and author of Winnie & Her Worries is joining us on location in Mexico and shares tips on planning ahead for our new age of travel and can share what to expect for family travelers.


  • Plan Ahead. This means now include COVID testing and all CDC guidelines- most airlines have a specific place they want you to get tested and note the duration it takes to get results.
  • Know what to expect. Since we have spent over a year at home, being in a new environment may cause an extra level of anxiety in addition. Know what to expect to help alleviate this. Travel with some calming items, books to read, favorite music, calming scents etc.
  • Traveling with children? if you are traveling with children, you will want to let them know they will need to keep their masks on, maintain distance, wash hands etc
  • Research destination. Research where you are headed. If you plan to leave your state, know what is open and what safety guidelines are in place.
  • Stay advantageous. Ask yourself if we should stay in a hotel or VRBO based on family comfort.
  • Be ok with changes, most restaurants might have limited capacity therefore linger waits, or need reservations. Some hotels will have areas that are closed ex: kids clubs or pool slides.
  • Be prepared. If you decide to travel by plane make sure to pack snacks that are easy to eat while keeping a mask on or moving to the side. You can drink water but have to put your mask on after you drink,
  • Have patience. Waiting is hard and everyone will be at a heightened level of stress because this is all new. Some may be more frustrated than others. Know this when traveling. Stay calm and be flexible and patient as we all adjust to these new changes.
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