Ohio Conservation Officers Train at Camp Grayling

Conservation officers from Ohio have spent the past week at Camp Grayling for a specialized training program.

Camp GraylingMatt Liestenfeltz is the instructor and retired Michigan Conservation Officer. He says the training they offer at Camp Grayling is very unique.

“These officers come here and they really work on their skill and become very proficient,” Liestenfeltz says.

The training is offered by the Northern Michigan Law Enforcement Group.

“They come here as a instructor development program. They spent five days learning everything from operating to tactical operations for police work. They’re basically taking all that information back to Ohio, so they can train their people there also,” Liestenfeltz explains.

Post Commander Colonel Scott Meyers, says the camp is no stranger to hosting agencies from outside the state. He says opening the camp up to other law enforcement agencies allows them to better train first responders.

“When the base isn’t  being occupied with a bunch of green suitors, we open it up for industry partners to book space. It really gives the opportunity for the great expansive land use and other use to provide an asset that gives for those law enforcement agencies,” Meyers says.

The officers spent the week learning about off-road vehicles and how to properly draw their weapon off an ATV.

“We’re also teaching these officers how to do crowd control by using different formations on their ATVs and UTVs,”Camp Grayling 3 Liestenfeltz states. “Crowd control is done on horseback or on foot, but now we can utilize these UTVs and ATVs for crowd control.”

Liestenfeltz says they use different formations depending on how many people they’re dealing with, and what the specific need is.

Camp Grayling officials say officers leave with a knowledge and tools they can bring back to their community.

“All this training is a great aspect of law enforcement. I think it’s very important that the general public see that what we have here is a very unique training program,” Liestenfeltz says.