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Hook and Hunting: May Marks Beginning of Fisheries Surveys

Typically, May and June is when the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) does a lot of fisheries surveys. So if you are out on the Michigan rivers and lakes, you may see them at work.

Collecting information on Michigan’s fish is important for developing a plan to manage the resource. Most studies reveal that our lakes and streams are healthy with self sustaining fish populations. In certain cases, the studies can identify places that might need management or fish stocking. They can also help detect threats to the habitat as well as invasive species.

“If you see DNR nets, and they should be well marked with floats, steer clear of them. We have had boats unwittingly get caught in them,” said Mark Tonello a fisheries biologist for the DNR. “If you’re ever not sure if it’s a DNR net or something else, feel free to give us a call and we’ll certainly look into it and let you know what the story is.”

Last year, the DNR surveyed over 152 inland lakes and 115 streams.

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