Oscoda County Couple is Looking For Help Rehoming Over 20 Cats

Kitty Venable and her husband, Bob, have always had a cat at their home in Luzerne. And they’ve lived there since the 1980s.

But they never imagined they would have 20 or more cats. Kitty said they always had help spaying and neutering from friends.

“I had one lady who would come and get a bunch of them and take them downstate, and they would be fostered out until they were ready to go,” says Venable, with a cat in her lap. “They would go to Petco. She did that for several years. And then, after her, another lady was taking them and she got very sick and died.”

It was because they couldn’t keep up spaying and neutering that the number of cats at her small home grew out of control. Cat Eating Wire

Now, she and her husband, in their eighties, are struggling to keep up with their care.

“We tried getting them fixed as we as we got them, but that’s expensive,” Venable says.”$200 to $250 because they need their shots and everything.”

Wednesday afternoon, the FedEx truck came delivering six boxes of food and cat litter. Venable says its less expensive than getting it at the store. But it’s money they can no longer spend as they grow older.

Kitty Venable has called  animal shelters and animal control in Michigan’s Northeast region, but she either gets no response, there is no room or they charge $50 per animal surrender.

“I’m desperate,” she says. “I get so desperate. I didn’t know who else to call. People say, well just quit feeding them. Oh, that doesn’t work. You can’t just quit feeding the cats. They have become feral, and you don’t need any more feral [cats].”

Venable has been calling places, searching for her cats’ new home, for several years.

“Come and take them or call me and tell me where I can take them. That would be wonderful,” she says. “We love them so much.”

Anyone wishing to help the Venables can contact the 9&10 News newsdesk at (231) 775-3478.