A Million Dollar Renovation Could Come to Brownson Memorial Park in Kingsley

A $1 million park renovation could be coming to Kingsley.

Kingsley village council applied for a $1 million grant with an 11% match by the village to update Brownson Memorial Park.

It comes after a public hearing where community members showed unanimous support for the project.

Kingsley ParkSome of the renovations would include handicap-accessible equipment, upgrades to the splash pad, and about a mile-long fitness trail with exercise stations.

“The interest is just very intense, and it will fortify the momentum of what we’re seeking for downtown buzz in Kingsley. It’s going to be able to accommodate and to support the activity that’s already in the downtown,” said Village President Dan Hawkins.

“I think the reason that we’re all so passionate about the park renovation is this is the heart of our community. It is both the social and literal heart of downtown Kingsley,” said Amy Barritt, Branch Manager, Kingsley Branch Library.

If the Village of Kingsley receives the grant, the Downtown Development Authority has already pledged $25,000 to help meet the 11% match.